Mike Huckabee has been Cured of Diabetes, and You Can Too?

23 06 2015

Ok, when I heard this a few weeks ago on the Glenn Beck program, I was a little astonished that a supposedly honorable, Christian Man and former pastor like Mike Huckabee would sell such a thing.  But according to the Arkansas Times, and later picked up by other sites, he was heard on the radio pitching for this product of Barton Publishing.

Apparently, Barton Publishing has had numerous complaints against them.  Among them are charges of false charges on Credit Cards, essentially that’s fraud.

And people wonder why I keep putting Mike Huckabee as someone on DaTechGuy’s Poison Poll.  Shame I couldn’t add a third or fourth guy there, as my others are Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.  I must admit Donald Trump is rapidly on my radar for being considered poison as well for the Republican Party.  If any one of these guys gets in, it will not help a party that is flailing and on the verge of failure.  This is not to be interpreted as an endorsement for the Democrats though.

The days of me remaining Republican are rapidly dwindling if this continues.




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