How to get a warning about games – Case in Point – Rome II Total War

7 10 2013

Many things are happening in the political realm, especially with the Government Shutdown, but that will take a brief backseat to an old favorite of mine, games, and what I used to do in High School and College – and that’s reviewing them.

Going by the reviewer’s stats are half the story, granted if that half is bad, you more than likely have a bad game.  But what about the people who actually PLAY the games themselves?  Some call this the “User Score” and it has just as much import as the reviewer stat.  Combined, it gives a VERY good picture of what to look for in the game.  However, if there is a significant disconnect in the scores between the reviewer scores and the user scores, that in of itself can be a big warning sign, maybe requiring a more in depth look before buying.

The example I have before me is Rome II – Total War.  The Total War series is a favorite of mine combining RTS micromanagement battlefield strategy with turn-by-turn map macro-management strategy.  I actually looked forward to this game, but looking at gave me pause.   The link with the reviews of the game are here.

The metascore – or average reviewer score is 78/100, which usually indicates a game of very solid quality.  Anything above 70 is usually nothing to worry about if you are a fan of the genre in question.  HOWEVER, the user score is 3.8/10 or 38/100.  This is a disconnect of 40 points between the two!  While the reviewers seem to like the game, the players by and large do NOT.  This is something that gives a major pause before buying it.

On the reviewer side, there are 46 positive reviews, 15 neutral and 5 negative.  Sounds like a favorable ratio.  Then the user side… ouch.

272 positive reviews, 110 neutral, 902 negative reviews.

My advice is this… see if someone you know has it, is willing to let you play for a bit.  If you like it, buy it.  Do your own research first.



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8 12 2013
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