Standing Rules of the Gaming Room

The rules are rather simple for comments:

1)  All comments will be vetted regardless of identity, importance, or station in life.

2)  Profanity is expressly forbidden.  I’d like to keep this site to a PG-13 rating or less if I can.

3)  The language of the administrator, comments, and articles of the site will be in ENGLISH.  I’m not expecting fully proper form of English, but l33t5p34k (leetspeak), and overly shortened phrases (I luv u man, kthxbye.  Or, u sux), will not be posted comments.

4)  Arguments and debate are in fact WELCOME here, so long as they are intelligent and reasoned.  This is NOT negotiable.  Counterarguments and debate will follow such comments so be prepared and forewarned.  If you take the appeareance of being intelligent and reasoned but your agument is foolish, you comments may very well be posted and your ignorance will be posted for the world to see.

5)  I am not a perfect man, far from it in fact.  I sometimes post a bit hastily and if I see errors, I’ll correct them: usually in an update of the post if I catch it in the same day, or in a complete update post later on with a link to the update in the original post.


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