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Yes, this is the new page in over a year, and it is the official page of my Let’s Play YouTube Videos.  Updates will be given here on parts as they show up.  Unless noted otherwise, I use MSI Afterburner version 2.3.0 for video capture.

Shogun 2 Total War

From Sengoku Jidai in 1545-1600 to the Boshin War of the late 1860’s, just shortly after the American Civil War, and even the early days just before Samurai, this game with all of it’s expansions goes through a long and bloody period in Japan’s history.  As this is a game of strategy, most of it is best done with the mind instead of just mindless action.  Many of the teachings of Sun Tzu, the same teachings taught in just about every American Uniformed OCS academy today, are applicable here.  Of all of the Total War series, this is my favorite one, and even now, 19 months after the original release in March 2011, it feels almost as new today as it did then.  Granted, new DLC’s keep it fresh, and a good marketing idea that is still making money for Sega today.

Ikko-Ikki Campaign (Started Dec 24, 2012)

This particular one is a restart of an earlier game, but is based off of the strategy that we really don’t want to jump into an area where we will be hated without a backup plan.  The Ikko-Ikki have several advantages:  the monks are natural agitators as just about everyone else are of opposing beliefs and riots are relatively easy to spread.  Even the low level temples of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism can spread their beliefs into neighboring provinces.  Higher numbers of ashigaru/peasant infantry for similar cost and available sword infantry among the peasants for slightly higher initial cost, a major advantage as most beginning infantry are spear based.  In this game, swords beat spears.  Spears remain necessary as spears beat cavalry.  Bows beat everyone, from a distance, but lose badly up close.  Matchlocks if available badly damage those from range (smaller than bows), and rout many after a few shots.  Instead of Samurai, the Ikko-Ikki employ Ronin, at about a loss of a fair percentage of the normal number of Samurai per unit (75 Yari/Spear Ronin vs 90 Yari/Spear Samurai).  Generals of the Ikko-Ikki also help convert provinces to their beliefs, even more so even as early as level 2.  There are monk soldier units available to the Ikko-Ikki that are superior to most other monks, with a lower comparable upkeep, save perhaps their direct counterparts of the Uesugi.

Disadvantages are also abound.  The higher number of Ashigaru are not necessarily a GOOD thing as individually they are worse than any of their opponents and will flee more easily.  Sword Ashigaru remain a great advantage, even though their morale is the worst, they will not rout against spears often.  Being a radical form of Buddhism gives them a huge disadvantage in diplomacy.  Metsuke are agents that act like secret police, but the Ikko-Ikki cannot recruit them at all.  Only ninja and monks remain available.  And making others rebel is a double-edged sword with the Ikko.  When rebellions are engineered by other clans, they turn in a semi-hostile but otherwise neutral state and do not count as an expansion penalty.  This would need to be taken over by one’s own clan troops if they want to take over.  Sometimes, the original clan comes back to life.  Not with the Ikko.  They get free troops set up, and if they win, the Ikko take over immediately.  Why is this not a huge advantage?  Simple.  Territory goes to the Ikko, therefore the expansion penalty diplomacy-wise comes in.  You need to then support the troops that take over and while some are powerful (and expensive), others are cheap (and the cost adds up).  You need to be careful with your great temples too.  If there’s too much of your belief in neighboring lands, riots can occur without prompting, so you need to be VERY careful there.

The game itself is a LONG campaign, meaning in addition to certain victory provinces, you need to gain control (via vassals or direct control) of 40 provinces.  I left it at NORMAL difficulty, meaning it might be a bit of a sandbox.  I’m still learning since I can’t play daily.  The basic strategy to begin with is take over the western Island of Kyushu before going onto the mainland while taking over the main island from West to East.  In the meantime, we make friends with our neighbors, so they aren’t tempted to kill us immediately.

Part 01 – Beginning – Dec 24, 2012
No action at all here, and a bit of mumbling.  I’m a bit sick during this episode so you will hear coughing.  Mostly this is explanation of the clan and my strategy as well as my opening moves for 1545.



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