Why Defend Obamacare?

26 09 2013

Not I, of course, but the democrats who overwhelmingly supported it, and as a result nearly lost the Senate and losing the house in 2010?

Two reasons – pork… and a ton of it.  I think there is more pork, or appropriations in the bill than regulations in the bill itself, but I’m not too sure of it.  But here, in a 2011 article are the major recipients from the bill.  The question then becomes who profits from it?

Reason two – who is exempt?  I mean really, if the omnibus was to be good for everyone, why wouldn’t everyone want to be on it?  Also, what about the Obamacare waivers?  Why wouldn’t companies want to be part of this?  Looks like there are potentially six types of waivers.

An “interpretation” by Obama seems to make Congress exemptFactCheck disagrees.

But over 2000 pages, why the need for such Faustian complexity?  Do I expect much from this round with this congress?  I don’t, not even with the Ted Cruz marathon filibuster effort, which I do applaud.

McCain shows why he needs to be retired.  To think I voted for this cretin…  never again.  I’ll go independent first.

Jeff Kuhner of AM 680 WRKO  yesterday said on his radio show that our system before Obamacare, in describing hospitals here and in Canada, that our hospitals here are “Hotels” compared to the horrid experience his then 71-year old grandmother went through after she suffered a stroke.  She lay on the gurney in the hospital for three days, never once being shown to a room, and eventually dying without even being treated.  This is what led his family to leave Canada and emigrate to the United States.

We don’t need such a story repeated in our hospitals here.



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