Constitutional Crisis – Marriage ban on same-sex marriages declared unconstitutional in Virginia

14 02 2014

Virginia’s ban on same-sex Marriage declared unconstitutional.   The judge’s ruling fails the test on whether it violates the Constitution of the United States, as his ruling is prima facie, on the “Declaration of Independence”, which while respected as a basis for the laws of our land, isn’t LAW itself.  Also, from looking there may be a conflict on Article 1 – Sections 1 and 15A of the Constitution of Virginia…

Article 1 Section 15-A. Marriage.

“That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions. This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.”

The amendment ratified November 7, 2006, and effective January 1, 2007—Added a new section (15-A).

Article 1 Section 1. Equality and rights of men.

“That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.”

This is problematic.  However, on the face, the district judge made a bad ruling.

Quick Hits

16 11 2011

Too much to go over, too little time.  Here’s a quick hit post.

Hoping to set up a youtube feature in the next month or so, this is likely around gaming lines with political talk.  Already have an idea of how to do it, but I’m keeping everything under wraps for now.

Herman Cain – In a nutshell, I like Cain, I like his ideas.  The videos via Michelle Malkin made me cringe.  I’d like him to win, but it’s getting more and more unlikely.  Not sure what role he could fill with the eventual winner.

Newt Gingrich – Damaged goods (some deservedly, mostly damaged through lies), but may have the best shot with Cain losing the spotlight.  Likely the best debater left on the stage.

Michelle Bachmann – Still like her, but she has become largely irrelevant in the primary scene.

Jon Huntsman – Moderate, almost RINO.  Nice enough guy, but he needs to exit stage left.

Rick Perry – Some recovery, but too little too late.  Money may keep him in longer than he deserves.

Mitt Romney – If he does win, hopefully animus for Obama will trump discontent for a Romney Nomination.  Still some major concerns here.

Rick Santorum – A shame he doesn’t have a bigger campaign.  Probably would have been the best of the bunch.

All of the Above – Still time for things to change.  The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primaries will start to thin the bunch out.  Start with Huntsman, please.

The Radio Bash at Leominster Bar and Grill – Saturday November 19th, starting at 1:00PM.  Be there!  You’ll see me there!  Should be enough people there so you can avoid me if need be!  And there’ll be pie, no cake, but pie, and other appetizers.  The cost of your meal is the only cost of admission.

More “Attempted” Union Thuggery

1 07 2011

This time, it’s in my hometown of Newburyport, MA.  With the past stories across the nation about Union protests in Wisconsin, it caught my attention, but now I’ll publish my current findings.

This is regarding people trying to protect us from Anna Jacques Hospital and their horrid history of malpractice.

Well, as you can see, there are doctors here who have had to make a malpractice payment.  The reasons for malpractice payments are many, some legitimate, some motivated to just get rid of a complaint of someone who can push it.  It’s not as clear as people may think.

One doctor made a malpractice payment eight years ago.  Obviously it wasn’t enough to eliminate him from practice. Some are complaints from as long as 10-15 years ago.  Many that I see are singular, as in only one.  If you want to dig, use the links above.

That being said, when a “whois” is done on the site is done, it’s revealed as being registered by Local 103 I.B.E.W. (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) on Dec 10, 2010.

Shocking, an Electrical Labor Union behind this investigation!  Could it be that their “bid/extortion” was rejected by the hospital?  That’s what I hear around town.  From what I hear, they’re a bit more of a laughing stock.  I drive by their sign “” on a daily basis as they hold the signs.  Perhaps they should take their thuggery elsewhere.  Pound Sand.  Something.  They’re just an eyesore now.

Another good article on this topic is here from John P. Wells.

As the Government is Shut Down… Come Again… Compromise?

9 04 2011

Looks like “hemming and hawing” from one party will work… in making a total mess of things.  As I remember correctly the Democrats were willing for $33 Billion in cuts.  The original Republican bill looked for $66 Billion in cuts.  And the continuing resolution until September gets us to… $38 Billion in cuts.

WOW!  What a compromise.  *sigh*

The Dems get just about everything they want, while fiscal conservatives get… almost nothing.  At least at first glance.  Hopefully we’ll get more details in the next few days, but as of this moment today, I am with Robert Stacy McCain in the “Unimpressed” and “Deeply Disappointed” column.  “Compassionate Conservatism” is the problem here, we’re going too far into Compassion and not into Conservatism.  What we need is a lot more “Passionate Conservatism”, which is what we had during the elections. Oh how quickly such passion has been forgotten.

These lyrics have a lot of meaning to me as I think they are the lyrics for the Democrat Party, from the Nickelback song, “Burn it to the Ground”.

We’re going off tonight to kick out every light,

Take anything we want, drink anything in sight!

We’re going till the world stops turning while we burn it to the ground tonight.


Okay, perhaps I might have been a tad pessimistic about things, and my math may have been a bit off.  Looks like the Dems only had $6 Billion or so in original cuts.  However, my comments on the Democrat Political Party stands, particularly those lyrics.

Glenn Beck Live with “Broke”

4 12 2010

While I wasn’t necessarily in Pennsylvania while Glenn did his live stage show loosely based on his new book “Broke”, I did see it in Regal Cinema 15 in Newington, NH near the Fox Run Mall.  The show was indeed in my opinion, worthwhile.  While nothing really new came out of the show if anyone ever watched his TV show or listened to his Radio show regularly, it was funny to see him on stage.  He does indeed mix enlightenment and entertainment rather well.

He does lay most of everything out in the open, including not to trust his word alone, to do your own research.  His solution on getting back to self-reliance,  a worship in God (or at least something greater than yourself other than man), and trusting in the words of the founders.  Nothing new, but his message is rather brilliantly sent.  A simple message, but if it works, why mess with it?  One of my favorite points was how he transposed China’s “new” government of “State Capitalism” was found out to be a rehashed message of “National Socialism”.

“Broke” just went onto my Christmas List.

Enjoyable, and the first time I’ve ever taken advantage of Phantom Events.  I may do so again in the future.  $20 to see most events anywhere in the nation per ticket isn’t that bad of a price, if you don’t go overboard on theater concessions.

An Open Letter to Congress

20 11 2010

To the Senate and House of Representatives for the United States of America,

To those who managed to attain office, I congratulate you in one of the hardest endeavors this county has: having the privilege to serve the public and its needs as a member of the National Legislature.  To those who retained office, my congratulations to you are similar, even to the ten Democrat house members of my home state of Massachusetts; many of you needing to spend money, for the first time in ages to retain office.  In the case of a few of you (in particular, Rep. Barney Frank of the fourth district), a great deal of money.

Regardless of party affiliation, or lack thereof, I urge you all to consider what is best for the United States of America.  Many of you have differing opinions, and many of you may not agree with me.

My biggest urge to you all is the following, and considering these times, this may be a bitter pill for most.  That urge is this: please give back to us, the citizens of the United States,  The Freedom to Fail.

Why the freedom to fail?  This sounds like a strange request, and to some cases, not merely alien, but incomprehensible.  For many years, people have seen the government as a safety net in case things became too hard.   Especially with initiatives such as Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance and general Welfare.  These have been seen as staples of American Life for the latter part of a century.  Though not necessarily related, these have been supplemented by income tax, as opposed to merely FICA.  Continuing this side note for a brief moment, the highest taxation brackets have varied greatly over the years, incidentally reaching around 90% during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidency, as reported by the IRS by means of the graph found here.

Simply put, why the Freedom to Fail?  Why this harsh necessity?  Simply put, without the Freedom to Fail, the Path to Success is cut off for many.

Why do we get messages from our own government urging people to go for charity work instead of trying for success for themselves, and with such success be a great engine for charity than by merely working as a charity worker.  Charity work is noble, but why discourage success?  Why give the hint that success is limited to those tho have already attained it?

Without the freedom to fail: people have fewer incentives to find success.  If just enough is given to you, you are not as driven to find more on your own, at least not through ingenuity, hard work, and drive for excellence, the three fuels for American Success in the few centuries of our existence.  In fact, you may be driven to demand more for doing less, or doing nothing.  In fact, one of these practices, known as Entitlements now, formerly known as Welfare and at first known as Relief.  It was considered a social stigma to be on “relief”, and that stigma helped people look for work more fervently.  It sounds cruel, but the stigma was effective.  People need to be free to fail in order to find their own path to succeed.

Also without the freedom to fail: people have fewer paths to success.  Why is this?  Unlike those who feel that the President has a personal “stash” to make dreams come true for those who vote for him, taxes from the gainfully employed, citizen or green-card-bearer, pay for such social programs, as well as other national programs whether needed (Department of Defense), useful (NASA), and also, useless (Cash for Clunkers).  While some of these programs are great, others, such as Social Security, built very much like a Ponzi Scheme, where fewer workers are available now to support a single person on Social Security.  In 1940, according to the Social Security Website, 159.4 people were available to collect benefits from for each beneficiary of Social Security.  In 1950, this ratio was 41.9 to 1.  From 1975-2006 this number has ranged from 3.2 to 3.4 workers for each beneficiary.  Even according to their website, it is NOT sustainable.  The Ponzi Scheme is falling apart, and this needs to be fixed, or if it cannot succeed, it must be allowed to fail.

This is no longer the age of “Too Big to Fail”.

The Freedom to Fail also means that the Federal Government must either give greater scrutiny to federal money back to local projects, also called “Earmarks”, or for the next year or two, eliminate them, until the economy has a chance to rebound, not merely in dollars, but also in unemployment.  There are many of you who made pledges in this regard.  Many also say this is a “Phony Issue” and means nothing.  It does mean something.  If tax cuts are made, real tax cuts, not merely extending the current Bush Tax Cuts, a path to success can be made.  People have to find their own Path of Success, it cannot and must not be given to them.

If there are companies requiring federal dollars to succeed, and are not involved in defense, they are NOT too big to fail.  If you cut federal taxes, they will not NEED federal grants.

The biggest obstacle to the Freedom to Fail is the Health Care Omnibus in which portions start to take effect in 2011.  Do not force people to be on Health Insurance, private or otherwise.  This is not something that the federal government should EVER try to force.  Let each state make individual choices on Health Care.  Nationalizing Health Care cheapens it.  Please don’t be fooled with what happened in Massachusetts.  It’s not a success.  Insurance costs didn’t go down, but went up well beyond the rate of inflation.  The Earmarks within are obscene, and only promised to secure votes for a bill that never should have seen the light of day.  Why should there be ANY bill that is over 100 pages, much less over 2000?

People have to be free to fail, so they can find a path to succeed.  This is only a brief letter, but it’ll be the first of many.

Please be forewarned, more people than ever will be watching what you do, and will take account of what is done.

With Regards,

Andrew D. Watts


1 11 2010

Normally, I wouldn’t put any link for on here, but this video is so high on the scale of nuttery, it deserves a look.

It’s a personalized video displaying pathetic fear-mongering at it’s comedic zenith.

You be the judge.

Miss West, a Clue, please, We are being INVADED Via Mexico

26 06 2010

I think this is enough to explain why many patriots in support of Arizona are looking at Peggy West like she has two heads.  Her compatriot tries to respond but… well… watch and see.

A better response to Peggy West’s diatribe about Arizona’s status as not a border state (granted, this is also coming from a “C” Geography student as well), would be as follows:

I mean, really, the thought that a state, enforcing the FEDERAL MANDATE as a state law is seen as something ILLEGAL?  Especially when the Federal Government has absconded it’s DUTY to said state, where land is being taken over by the Mexican Drug Cartels… I’m sorry, this is an invasion, and in my opinion, tantamount to a declaration of WAR!

Well my Pats Didn’t Win…

8 02 2010

But at least the Colts lost in a fairly humiliating fashion.  I think I can live with that.  No wonder the Pats lost to the Saints earlier in the year, this coach has… well, gotta try to keep this PG, now.  Success counts, no matter what your intentions are.

31-17.  The last 14 points back to back after a 2nd half onside kickoff (never been done in the Super Bowl that early), and on a Manning interception by Tracy Porter.  I know I feel mean, but I’m still sick, and waiting to see if I can get to the doctor today. -.-

However, I have a new theme for the Environmental Wackos.  I like the music, but of course, here it is:

I’d hate to say I’m surprised at Coakley’s cold reaction…

14 01 2010

To a reporter being knocked down by one of her aides, but I’m afraid I’m not.  She doesn’t come across as being warm or caring, just as George Bush, Bill Clinton, or even Barack Obama can at times.  Yet as Da Tech Guy noted, this is the Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts.  It’s how she’s treated the law.  When a child was being molested in the Market Basket in Raynham, the father punched the guy in the jaw.  The molester wasn’t even arrested, merely given a court date.  The FATHER was arrested, but was not jailed.  The Assault and Battery charges were later dropped, but still.  Coakley’s response was that he should have waited for police and that “self-help” is discouraged.

Like defending your child from an ILLEGAL ALIEN?

An ILLEGAL ALIEN that still worked there the next time the father went into the store?

Coakley’s edge is waning, despite a poll telling them otherwise (by 15 points), other stories are coming up and other polls are not as “liberal”, such as the Rasmussen poll as low as a 2 point lead, a statistical dead heat with a Republican Candidate in arguably the most liberal state in the nation.  If Brown does not win, it will be a minor victory in the sense that Coakley actually had to work for the seat, instead of being voted in because of her “D” status.

*sigh*  Things are bad since this behavior out of the progressive-but-turning-fascist-party-allegedly-called-Democrats, does not surprise me.  I’d better be looking out for purple shirts and black panthers at the polling places.   No wonder so many people are voting absentee, in addition to being so busy from the policies of the progressives these past years.

On another note, I eagerly await my brief March departure from the cold climes of Massachusetts to the warm beaches of Florida.  My wife, even more so.