Merry Christmas! Actual gameplay from the Right Wing Gamer?!?

25 12 2012

And everyone thought that was a mere mom-DE-plume. Well, it is, but that is beside the point.

As we speak, my first gameplay video is being uploaded. One of my favorite games, and addictions, Shogun 2: Total War. I intend for this to be my first full play-through, no loading saves or saving myself from dumb mistakes. The clan being played is the Ikko-Ikki, pretty much considered the Occupy movement of the Sengoku Jidai, the age of the country at war in Japan.

It is of a Long Duration (40 of 60 provinces needed to win, including Kyoto, the seat of power). The clan is listed of Normal difficulty but has its own challenges.

An update will come when the video is fully posted!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And God Bless!

UPDATE:  The video should be posted here around 9:00AM EST today!  Merry Christmas!