Points on Syria – Another Pointless Ramble

5 09 2013

Everything that I’m reading on Syria is making my head spin. I’m not sure what everything means, but I know from what I’ve seen that this is a major disaster waiting to happen. Especially since I don’t believe there is a whole lot of THINKING going on. What are the points on going to war? The first and foremost is this:

How does this protect, defend or aid the United States of America?

An honest answer to the above question is this… it does not, on ANY of the points. Anyone who says otherwise really needs to prove their point since I have heard NOTHING that it does… save the integrity of the President of the United States.

On one side is the Assad Regime, which is decidedly unfriendly with the United States. The other is the rebel-group backed by Al-Qaeda… which I doubt will be friendly once they get into power. The only people who may be on our side at all are the PEOPLE of Syria, who are fleeing the country by the millions.

There are the next questions to ask.

What is the price of inaction?

I won’t lie, the price may be very high. Our reputation as a nation may be very badly damaged since the Red Line was set by the president (and is currently being painted over), and crossed multiple times. The allegations are that Assad gassed his own people. The Secretary of State, John Kerry says it’s “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.” Forgive me… but living in a state where Kerry’s been a Senator for most of my adult life, I can say that I have very little trust in anything this man says.

The loss of trust that we can be a nation who’s word can be trusted, from Administration to Administration, is however a MAJOR blow.

That being said, what is the price of acting?

Russia is actively protecting their ally, Syria with a naval presence in the region. They may very well sell more weapons to Syria or worse yet, if a military intervention from the U.S. garners enough provocation, react with a military response. Iraq didn’t have Russia as an ally during either Desert Storm or Enduring Freedom. Afghanistan was actively against Russia.

Obama I doubt realizes the military situation over there, and if he does, he is either NOT listening to his military advisers, or is ignoring them entirely.

Another thing is… can he get the support at home? Everything I’m seeing and reading is saying… not even close. Even my most liberal friends on Facebook seem to be against this idea of military action in Syria. There is Bipartisan Support in the Vox Populi… AGAINST military action.

In going over the points of Sun Tzu… this seems to fail a HUGE MAJORITY of the litmus tests to go to war. A waste of resources, a waste of lives, and the possibility of descending into an even LARGER conflict. Sun Tzu argues there are five fundamental factors – weather, terrain, command, doctrine, and moral influence.

In this case we question the last three. Command, Doctrine and Moral Influence.

The Command of our military can’t really be questioned. Our Commander in Chief has ZERO experience with the military and is not really liked by them.

The Doctrine seems questionable at best… as it seems the only purpose of this war with Syria seems to be either poor decision making… or a distraction for something else.

The Moral Influence is uniting both sides of the public… against the President. I must admit this is only to those who are LISTENING. Most of the public may not even be paying attention, and sadly won’t pay attention until buildings start crumbling or cities go up in smoke.

I’m in the opinion that this is a distraction from something else. Possibly immigration, or the implementation of ObamaCare.

People need to pay attention again… but it’s sometimes too much for some people to take in, and it’s too depressing when we have other options to take our cares away.



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5 09 2013

Whether or not the war is popular with the American people is irrelevant. If the people they voted into Congress authorize it, that’s the deal, the POTUS can strike.

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