Military Commanders who will fire on the American People – A Red Herring?

27 01 2013

Some very alarming developments coming out but I wonder… is it what it seems?

First came the litmus test for American Military Leaders to see if they will fire on the American People.

Now, there’s a report from the Miami Herald on a military exercise with a Blackhawk helicopter performing maneuvers and firing machine gun blanks over the city of Miami.

Knowing this administration and just how adroit they are in campaigning and turning obfuscation into an art form, I have to wonder, what is the government REALLY up to?  I cannot accept the premise that they are doing this for any other purpose than to drive patriotic American Citizens absolutely nuts.  Crazy enough perhaps to do something that will legitimize a government effort to stamp down revolt.

My advice to everyone is to steady yourself, keep calm, yet keep a wary eye for real trouble.  I don’t think the Government is going to be this blatant without trying to have something to cover them and make themselves seem pure to the world.



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