Complaints get nobody anywhere, most of the time

7 11 2012

I can marvel at how my coworker manages to complain and he gets quite a bit accomplished when he does so, and yet I’ve learned over the years that complaints get me relatively unnoticed.

We could complain about how the American Public is uninformed or completely disinterested in Foreign Policy save for is it an American who won “American Idol”?

We could complain about how people need to give ALL people the choice for their religion and not declare Christianity a rogue cult once again.

We could complain about a good many things, but none of this will get us anywhere. The Social Mandate of the Democrat Party has, on its face, apparently won. There is room for a reversal, but for now, it is very disheartening.

We merely have to do what we can to ride out the next four years and pray we still have a nation worth saving when all is said and done.  We do get the government we deserve, but what of those who didn’t ask for this?

Okay, okay, I couldn’t get away without at least one complaint.




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