Dear Lord

24 10 2012

There are few things I can do to help my fellow man except write here, and make this prayer, from a sinner forgiven, public for all to see. 

I pray that those who are broke continue to work in disciplined manner so they can leave their state of financial distress and eventually be able to help others who are broke.

In your grace, Lord, please help those who are poor leave the ways of the poor and adopt the ways of prosperity, charity, love and hope.  May their minds be sharpened from those who wish to abuse their station; keeping the poor in a state of mind that they speak out against prosperity, rather than making the hard climb there.  It is easier to speak out against those that have, than swallow one’s pride, and make the hard climb on their own.

So Lord, please help us teach  that  Mike Todd’s quote is correct –  “Being BROKE is a temporary situation. Being POOR is a state of mind.”

Let our leaders see your grace and work for peace, keeping our country the shining light it has been for so long, the place people flock to for opportunity.  Our Freedoms made opportunity possible, and under your grace aided the entire world in ways many refuse to admit anymore.

Many lord mock your ways today, as they have done in times past.  I pray for each and every one of them that they may see your ways and wisdom.

I pray our upcoming election ends out without incident, or danger.  I fear for the times ahead, both before the election, and especially afterwards, as I fear evil will not take any perceived defeat lightly, nor delay in in ill-gotten victory.  Being free from constraint, let our hearts be steeled for November 7th onwards.  I pray for the courage to stand for times ahead, and for your grace to carry us through.

Lord I pray you help people see that each must seek salvation as an individual act, helping those as they can, and to deny the demonic thought of the idea that unless all are saved, none are saved.

In these, and more, I pray in Jesus’s name.  Amen.




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