With the Upholding of Obamacare – I Ramble On

28 06 2012

This is a large (for me), rambling and relatively unedited piece.  You have been warned.

With the passage of Obamacare, the LARGEST stealth tax in the history of the nation according to Rush Limbaugh, we are crossing the Rubicon into the Abyss.  It leads Americans to become more aware of the political class of our nation.  Our politicians are spending the country into oblivion, but to those of us on the right, this isn’t news, but a re-statement of a sad fact.  And the Republicans, while not as guilty as Democrats, are also VERY liable in this.  This is something that needs to start at home, in the bedroom mirror.

The first step is to clean up our OWN lives.  Financially, Education, Physically, and most importantly, Spiritually.

People need to clean up their own finances, as normal in American life, according to Ramsey, is broke and in debt.  A system that my lovely wife and I are doing is Financial Peace University – the Dave Ramsey system.  Essentially, learning how to budget and going through seven “Baby Steps”, the third split in two parts.

As Dave mentions it, after taking care of Transportation, Shelter, Food, and Utilities, here they are:

1) Get $1000 in an Emergency Fund, only for use in an EMERGENCY (not pizza, china cabinet, etc).

2) Eliminate all debt except for Mortgage.

3a) Fill Emergency Fund with 3-6 months worth of EXPENSES.

3b) Start to save for down payment on a house, for those without one, after emergency fund is filled up.

The next three steps are to be done together.

4) Start to fill retirement accounts with 15% of your income.

5) College funds for the kids (not college LOANS – FUNDS).

6) Pay off the Mortgage EARLY.  No more than 15 years with a down payment of AT LEAST 20%.

Finally the last step:

7) Build wealth and GIVE.

Why give?  We are naturally a people that derive happiness from giving, and this is true of both liberal and conservative, granted whose money we give may be differentiating factor.  This is a method that is very Christian, but it should work for all faiths (and even the faithless if they keep up).

Physically, well it touches all of us, and granted, this is the one that I need more work on as well, so I won’t knock you down for having problems here.  Healthy people tend to spend less on health costs, and here is the one point the libs may have on us.  From what I learned, the most important thing is what you put in your mouth.  I’m not saying throw away cake, treats, pizza, candy… just don’t have it every day.  Small steps help, or the willingness to undergo a major life change.  I’ll start with the small steps.  Mild exercise, and I do mean MILD, is a good thing to help out as well.

Education.  That means reading, looking things up, getting involved, learning does NOT stop after school ends, in fact it’s only the beginning of a life long learning experience.  My wife, who has never really been a big reader has read two books this year.  One of them was non-fiction and I’m so proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone to do so.

Spiritually.  To those of you who are atheist or believe in nothing, you can stop reading, and not be offended, or continue reading and get a migraine from screaming at your machine, or be awakened.  I mean it.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Now, to those of you who have spiritual beliefs, are Christian (in whichever flavor or lack thereof),  Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever, you are already half-way there.  Rely on your beliefs, as they will be the Bedrock of your own transformation.  Resist the temptation of having the government transform you, or use it as a reason just to spite encroaching government into something they will not expect.

I’m not saying not to be angry, far from it, it’s only natural.  I’m angry about today, and when I’m angry, I can turn it into something, like writing constructively.  Turn the energy of your anger into something constructive, instead of turning it into Wrath.  Write, run, exercise hard, sing, whatever it is that churns away anger before it becomes a spiritual wound.  Don’t let anger fester.  Talk to your spouse, pastor, life partner, share your experience.  Hmm, need to work on that last part myself, but I’m slowly getting better at it.

Follow the advice of which you give… this last comment mostly aimed at myself.

Spread the good word, to those of your who are spiritual.  If someone doesn’t believe the way you do, invite them to your church, temple, don’t shove religion down their throat.  Be able to define your religion in simple terms.  For example, to be a Christian is to believe that God loves us so much that he gave Jesus Christ, our savior, to us.  Jesus, in living a sin free life, became a willing sacrifice as the price for the sins of humanity, To believe in him, and act as he did, is the way to a Christian life.

If you can define your religion in relatively simple terms, people can understand.  Is that all that Christianity is?  No.  Mostly?  It certainly is.  Will people resist?  Absolutely.  Just offer the invitation.  If they have questions you can’t answer (and they will), point them to your pastor, priest, cleric,  rabbi, etc. who will be able to answer their questions fully, unless you happen to be a scholar of said religion.

If enough people look within, the need for the beast that is Obamacare goes away.  If people desire freedom instead of a government that can take care of all our problems, and take away all that we have, we can get it.

And now the rambling really begins to take off:

Seek the truth.  Ignore the letters R and D when it comes to politicians, it’s starting to mean less and less every day.  Look at their records.  Don’t rely on the pundits (that includes the evening news and newspapers, who are co-conspirators in all of this).

Right wing does not always mean Republican.  It means adhering to the original beliefs of the Constitution and the rule of law.  Of being spiritual, and the belief that Government is a necessary evil, and never your friend.  If you don’t like the laws, go through the legislative process, and not legislation through the courts.

This is how I define the Dark Side.  Seduction of the easy path, that all of your cares will be taken care of, and that your worries will go away, thanks to a government who will nanny you from cradle to grave.  Abscond the dark seduction of the belief of Utopia with your eyes closed to the evils that are around you which keep such illusions in place.  Yes. Utopia is an illusion.  For some who prosper in this systems others, by definition MUST suffer.    Allowing anger to fester into wrath, lashing out with no regard to consequence.  To not know of love, nor believe in the human spirit.  To hate from differing beliefs instead of agreeing to disagree.

I can ramble on, but I think I’ve said enough for right now.  I should really follow my own advice.

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