My Math on Obama – Economy not on his side.

18 03 2012

Okay, just a few little things going on here.  I have a facebook account and was told to re-check my facts on a post I made there.

So I did… and found the same math figures as before.

Gas prices on January 9, 2009 – $1.84 per gallon then.  Gas prices today – $3.82 per gallon.  A 107% increase in a little over three years.

US Debt in October of 2008 – $10.024 Trillion.  US Debt today via the Debt Clock – $15.534 Trillion.  My math was a bit wrong on my facebook post , it was a 54.9% increase in under four years, instead of my previously calculated 29%.  Even with the last few months of this figure not being his, Obama brought about the same amount of debt in under four years that took George W Bush eight years to do.  Oh before you say that most of that debt belongs to Bush, the October of 2009 figure is $11.909 Trillion.

There you go, facts re-checked, again!  The math is not on Obama’s side on the Economy.  He MUST take it away from the economy or he will lose in a landslide.




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