New Equations, Old Names, and of course, The Games

20 02 2012

Jay Severin is without doubt a brilliant radio host and perhaps in the political field, the one with the most practical experience, with over 30 years in the political field, from supporting to advising roles.  As many say, he may very well be right that Mitt Romney may be the best, and for awhile, at least to me and I may VERY well be mistaken (and please Jay, if you actually READ this article, correct me if I’m wrong), inferred that Romney is the best hope for us.  He is firmly in the Mitt Romney camp, and I can say that with confidence.

The equation for victory I think is more elusive than he thinks.  If we had Ronald Reagan Version 2.0 in this election (whom Jay may feel Romney is), it would not be a problem.  But we do not, and we won’t.  I feel that too many more possibilities are in play.  From what I have heard today, I think from Jay, the earliest anyone can win the Delegate count, assuming nobody drops out, and all concurrent delegate-bearing contests are won by the same person, is June.

Unless people with delegates drop out and start supporting others, it’s going to be a long primary season.  The only ones I feasibly see even having a possibility of dropping out are Rick Santorum (very slim chance), and Newt Gingrich (even slimmer).  For Gingrich, money is coming in spurts, but it may be that Sheldon Adelson may be more receptive, in the form of another $10 million.  He might be in for a bit longer.  Rick Santorum has made some money, but not much, so he needs to rely on more victories and continued good performances, especially the Debate on Wednesday night.

Mitt Romney is in trouble, though only a bit.  A major blow would not be continuing to be down in the national polls (there is no “National Primary” nor “National Election”).  He will be hit VERY hard if he loses Michigan, his home state.

Of the four candidates, I feel a brokered convention to be in the favor of Ron Paul.  Ron Paul will not win the delegate count any other way.  With all delegates released there are (at last count) 117 Republican “Superdelegates” who are seated first (usually state RNC chairs and two sub committee members).  Not all states have superdelegates, but are bound by the state vote.  Bound delegates however only need to vote for their bound delegate for the “first ballot”.  If it gets to a brokered convention, this will be very interesting.

Now for the Games.  An early look at my early impressions of Bethesda’s “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”, and Studio 38’s along with EA, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”.

Right now, it seems Skyrim is taking it by far overall, for one small reason, I wanted to see more of Skyrim in a different way, and in other ways, Skyrim is drawing me back in that Reckoning, while a very solid game in it’s on right, just isn’t.  And I’m putting this in what will be a future article.

Addiction Factor – Edge: Skyrim – 10 to 4 over Reckoning, a double knockdown and almost TKO on it’s own.

More on the games in a future article.




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