As The Year comes to a Close

31 12 2011

And I battle the annual winter cough, my eternal nemesis a few last Quick Hits for 2011…

So many things have happened this year, and Skyrim is merely one of them.  Usama bin Laden, meeting his makers and his 72-year-old virgin, is top among them.

Many Democrats are retiring from Congress, as is being mentioned now on my friend’s radio show,DaTechGuy On DaRadio.  Barney Frank top among them in our state.

A major loss in very liberal, but brilliant men Steve Jobs of Apple and unapologetic atheist Chris Hitchens.  Another, more aesthetically pleasing loss in North Korean Evil Dictator, Kim Jong Il.

Occupods, the illegitimate children of Georgie Soros.  Make your own connections.

On a good note, I had no losses in my family this year.  Three from last year, was three too many.  Uncle Peter, Cousin Megan, and Mom, you are all greatly missed.

Mounting debt, and 1.2T more coming up for Obama’s foibles in the next couple of decades, ummm… years… no, wait… months.  Yeah, that’s it.

The Bruins win the 2011 Stanley Cup.  I should be rejoicing, being a fan of Boston’s sports, but for some reason it doesn’t excite me.

Diablo 3 and being selected for the Beta.  That excited me.  Looks to be good so far.

Elder Scrolls 5, Skyrim.  Only had it for a few days, but it looks good so far.  Still an amazing amount of content.

Peter’s show going to two hours.  And the upcoming new years festivities in Fitchburg and Tewksbury.

As Journey says in their song “Don’t stop Believing”, but prepared for the hard work to come!  Happy New Year!




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