Unhealthy Unions make an Angry Gamer

17 11 2011

Time for me to nitpick the post, where the IBEW Local 103 loses a contract to perform a $15 million dollar expansion to Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport, MA.  Union losing a contract, that is enough to make me cheer, especially this group of lowlifes (my opinion).  The post was made a little more than a month ago.

“The international brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 103 (Local 103) is protesting the decision of Newburyport’s Anna Jaques Hospital to go with a non-union electrical contractor for its $15 million expansion.”

And there is much rejoicing.

“The campaign, ‘Anna Jaques Exposed,’ is flaring up controversy in Newburyport, an end nowhere in sight.”

“According to Local 103 business agent Louis Antonellis, the group will soon have a storefront downtown, to be used as a campaign base and to educate about the union’s chief issue. The fight is over healthcare, Antonellis says.”

*Slams head on desk*  There’s better office space for you.  In Lawrence.  I’m sure Willy Lantigua would love to have you.  To me, you’re an eyesore every time I go downtown.

“Many say the campaign is really a message to other local hospitals about the price their communities would pay if they do not select the union for a contract.”

“According to Antonellis, the term ‘extortion’ is inaccurate.”

I would disagree, as would a lot of the signs I see around town saying “I support Anna Jacques Hospital”, vs the total absence of “Anna Jacques Exposed” and the sole banner of “Unhealthy Hospitals” held in Market Square.  This is coincidental evidence that people are getting tired of you.  I certainly am.

“The union’s website says that ‘Over the last 25 years, political power has shifted dramatically to corporate and wealthy special interests and away from working families,’ and that corporate greed has undone 60 years of progress.”

Agreed on Corporate Greed, but sadly, Unions have become just as greedy, and in some cases, a lot nastier.  There is no evidence of violent behavior, there is evidence of people complaining about union sign holders shouting obscenities at people who disagree, even in the presence of young children.

“While there is little public evidence of community support for the “Exposed” campaign, Antonellis says, ‘when [people] take the time to listen, they are appalled by the hospital’s decision.’”

If there is little public evidence of community support, they may have more information than you think.  This is NOT a stupid community no matter what you think.  And if a fairly liberal community like Newburyport doesn’t approve of your actions, you have little leg to stand on.

This is my opinion on the matter.




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