Quick Hits

16 11 2011

Too much to go over, too little time.  Here’s a quick hit post.

Hoping to set up a youtube feature in the next month or so, this is likely around gaming lines with political talk.  Already have an idea of how to do it, but I’m keeping everything under wraps for now.

Herman Cain – In a nutshell, I like Cain, I like his ideas.  The videos via Michelle Malkin made me cringe.  I’d like him to win, but it’s getting more and more unlikely.  Not sure what role he could fill with the eventual winner.

Newt Gingrich – Damaged goods (some deservedly, mostly damaged through lies), but may have the best shot with Cain losing the spotlight.  Likely the best debater left on the stage.

Michelle Bachmann – Still like her, but she has become largely irrelevant in the primary scene.

Jon Huntsman – Moderate, almost RINO.  Nice enough guy, but he needs to exit stage left.

Rick Perry – Some recovery, but too little too late.  Money may keep him in longer than he deserves.

Mitt Romney – If he does win, hopefully animus for Obama will trump discontent for a Romney Nomination.  Still some major concerns here.

Rick Santorum – A shame he doesn’t have a bigger campaign.  Probably would have been the best of the bunch.

All of the Above – Still time for things to change.  The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primaries will start to thin the bunch out.  Start with Huntsman, please.

The Radio Bash at Leominster Bar and Grill – Saturday November 19th, starting at 1:00PM.  Be there!  You’ll see me there!  Should be enough people there so you can avoid me if need be!  And there’ll be pie, no cake, but pie, and other appetizers.  The cost of your meal is the only cost of admission.




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