Something to think about in the Default Debate

26 07 2011
I got this from the Radio, probably from Hannity or Limbaugh, but it makes sense.  You can confiscate (tax 100% of) the money of all millionaires and billionaires in this country and how much will it generate? Less than $1 trillion. When we have debt over $14 trillion, it’s a symbolic but meaningless gesture in the long run, which may make people feel good, but devastates our anemic economy. I understand your frustration, but killing the golden goose doesn’t do us any good. Regulations that make it nearly impossible to pay a competitive wage without bankrupting business owners (especially small business) makes it hard as well.

This is not an easy thing to solve, regardless of what some politicians tell you. Trying to share in the sacrifice while our economy is weak may be enough to put many businesses over the edge. We need something to spark our economy, not kill it.

As for big government politicians ruining the economy, regardless of party, oh yeah… pet projects need to go… NOW, if not sooner!  The fact that threats are being made against Social Security and Veterans, is political thuggery at it’s worst.




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