Weinergate and Life in General – Too Much to Say

10 06 2011

Okay, too much to go over since my last post, maybe just a quick one to prove that I’m not dead yet.

Anthony Weiner, the gift that keeps on giving. As I theorized, as his wife is pregnant, he is disgraced, and the high likelihood that he was threatened with divorce IF he resigned. Why? His wife works for Hillary Clinton, wife of the grand philanderer Bill Clinton. Hillary stood by Bill because of power, pure and simple.

Another piece of (admittedly circumstantial) evidence is the pending divorce of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. When does this come across? It happens mere months after Arnold is no longer the “Governator”. Also, don’t forget that Maria is first and foremost a member of the Kennedy clan.

Now that this is getting in the rear view mirror, I can concentrate on trying to get a review on Shogun 2 – Total War sometime in the next week or so.




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