It only took 10 years – Bin Laden Finally Dead

2 05 2011

It took a small covert group to do it, and we all owe a round of drinks for all involved!  Sadly, Obama may get the credit but I doubt it’ll save him in 2012.

Further details as Bin Laden has been buried at sea.  Don’t know if the sea needed additional pollution but heck, the sharks can have at him.  Just another piece of chum.

Though a downer on the issue, a “Nuclear Hellstorm” was promised in Europe, planes crashing in London in particular, should Osama Bin Laden be captured or killed.  Considering the source, I’m not sure if it’s just bluster or otherwise.  Time will tell, and I don’t mean the magazine.

It’s funny though.  Less than 48 hours after the big meal at Linguine’s with DaTechGuy (which sadly I could not attend due to work and personal obligations), Bin Laden is food for Sharks.




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