As the Government is Shut Down… Come Again… Compromise?

9 04 2011

Looks like “hemming and hawing” from one party will work… in making a total mess of things.  As I remember correctly the Democrats were willing for $33 Billion in cuts.  The original Republican bill looked for $66 Billion in cuts.  And the continuing resolution until September gets us to… $38 Billion in cuts.

WOW!  What a compromise.  *sigh*

The Dems get just about everything they want, while fiscal conservatives get… almost nothing.  At least at first glance.  Hopefully we’ll get more details in the next few days, but as of this moment today, I am with Robert Stacy McCain in the “Unimpressed” and “Deeply Disappointed” column.  “Compassionate Conservatism” is the problem here, we’re going too far into Compassion and not into Conservatism.  What we need is a lot more “Passionate Conservatism”, which is what we had during the elections. Oh how quickly such passion has been forgotten.

These lyrics have a lot of meaning to me as I think they are the lyrics for the Democrat Party, from the Nickelback song, “Burn it to the Ground”.

We’re going off tonight to kick out every light,

Take anything we want, drink anything in sight!

We’re going till the world stops turning while we burn it to the ground tonight.


Okay, perhaps I might have been a tad pessimistic about things, and my math may have been a bit off.  Looks like the Dems only had $6 Billion or so in original cuts.  However, my comments on the Democrat Political Party stands, particularly those lyrics.




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