Glenn Beck Live with “Broke”

4 12 2010

While I wasn’t necessarily in Pennsylvania while Glenn did his live stage show loosely based on his new book “Broke”, I did see it in Regal Cinema 15 in Newington, NH near the Fox Run Mall.  The show was indeed in my opinion, worthwhile.  While nothing really new came out of the show if anyone ever watched his TV show or listened to his Radio show regularly, it was funny to see him on stage.  He does indeed mix enlightenment and entertainment rather well.

He does lay most of everything out in the open, including not to trust his word alone, to do your own research.  His solution on getting back to self-reliance,  a worship in God (or at least something greater than yourself other than man), and trusting in the words of the founders.  Nothing new, but his message is rather brilliantly sent.  A simple message, but if it works, why mess with it?  One of my favorite points was how he transposed China’s “new” government of “State Capitalism” was found out to be a rehashed message of “National Socialism”.

“Broke” just went onto my Christmas List.

Enjoyable, and the first time I’ve ever taken advantage of Phantom Events.  I may do so again in the future.  $20 to see most events anywhere in the nation per ticket isn’t that bad of a price, if you don’t go overboard on theater concessions.




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