Some really good news – Quick Shots – Post Election

5 11 2010

A great day nationally… locally… well definitely room for improvement.  A few bullet points

  • Looking at it from a positive point, 680 seats nationwide were picked up by Republicans.  This has NEVER happened in US history.
  • With the 60+ seat pickup of over 100 seats in play, the House definitely goes Republican.  This puts John Boehner as the likely new Speaker of the House for the next congress.
  • Our own legislature in Massachusetts is more Republican now, if albeit slightly.  The house doubled to 32 seats going GOP.  The Senate sadly went from 5 to 4 with the loss of Richard Tisei’s seat (who ran for Lt. Governor) to the Democrats.  Another 10 years of this trend, and perhaps there won’t be a liberal super-majority in both houses.
  • Redistricting will be taking place in the state soon.  Likely one district will be lost (due to population loss).  Sadly it’s the State Legislature who’s in charge, but… maybe, just maybe…

On the gaming front:  Mass Effect 2 continues to be the game of the moment.  Though for the end of the year and new year, the games to watch for me are, in order, WoW: Cataclysm, Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon Age 2, Diablo 3.




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