Election results to a point

2 11 2010

9:30 PM – Early voting results – District 1 goes to the democrats called by ABC. Martha Croaklely retains the AG job. Things not looking good for the governorship (Deval leads by 9%), granted, it’s only 9:30PM.

In my district, Tierney is up by 14%, but not called yet. I don’t get it. I wonder if Tierney is a bigger crook than we think.

9 House seats picked up by the Republicans. O’Donnell, McMahon lose their chance for the senate. Marco Rubio wins. More to come.

11:20 PM – Okay… Massachusetts is a lost cause for the most part.  Not one single house seat went Republican.  Not as much stunned at Frank winning, but Tierney??  That man is all but a criminal!  UGH!  Deval is ours again for four years.  Looks like question one will pass, but question three will fail.  Question two is not really a concern for me either way but that looks like a fail.  Only republican of consequence to me I see winning is Sheriff Cousins of Essex (Incumbent).  Polito, McKenna have lost.  Auditor race looking like it’ll go Dem, but it’s too close to call at the moment.

Looking for House results in a bit.  Checking in with DaTechGuy if I can.

12:19 AM – Okay, time for bed.  Looks like Republicans will win US House, gain ground on US Senate.  Kudos to Jason Antosz, a friend of mine, for winning in NH for a State House seat for Rockingham County!  Auditor race looking more Dem, but still too close.  Good night everyone!




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