1 11 2010

Normally, I wouldn’t put any link for on here, but this video is so high on the scale of nuttery, it deserves a look.

It’s a personalized video displaying pathetic fear-mongering at it’s comedic zenith.

You be the judge.




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1 11 2010
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4 12 2010
2 Hotty

I used to agree with the “get out and vote” sentiment, but I’ve learned it’s just a big government ploy. I heard a public union member tell another member on voting day “It takes a village!! (heart bleeding).”

No where in our constitution of the US is the word democracy used.

As Marx said correctly, and I usually don’t look to him for wise quotes, “Democracy is a road to socialism”.

Now, I do agree somewhat with the “Republiccorp” accusation. For example, while I want business to proper, I don’t want corporate welfare programs like Medicare Part D, which was a Republican creation in ’04. I don’t like how we lost our sovereignty to the WTO in ’05, another thing for which we can thank the Republican Party. The Democrats also have their favorites — health insurance companies, for example. Hopefully this next edition of congress will embrace true free-market principles and not favor giveaways to connected corporations.

19 12 2010

Agreed on that, on all points. I think my post on the Open Letter to Congress really sets my mood on what I expect from government. Either side of the aisle. Republicans are supposed to be for this, but if a Grover Cleveland Democrat comes back and goes against the progressive agenda, my vote would be for that Dem!

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