Quick Shots – October 2010 – On the Eve of Election

30 10 2010

A few quick thoughts on the Election, gaming, and other matters:

Regarding Geraldo Rivera (via Bill O’Reilly Show) on the President governing from the center:  Out of curiosity, the center of WHAT?  Cuba?  Venezuela?  The People’s Republic of China?

Attacks against conservative candidates:  I know politics is an ugly game but really, there is such a thing as civility and… oh wait, this is politics.  I guess calling someone a “whore”, a “b**ch*”, and revealing past relationships as a method to smear is alive and well, especially when the organizations “devoted” to protect women are either silent or wholeheartedly agree with such horrific statements.  Polticosmear at it’s best… way to go lefty scum.

Massachusetts elections are getting heated.  Yes, allegedly (okay not allegedly) left-leaning Massachusetts is taking a harder look at the Democrat incumbency.  Baker-Patrick, to close to call even with a third party spoiler (not candidate anymore, Cahill).  Barney Frank spending his OWN money on an election in a district so gerrymandered, it was supposed to remain Democrat for all time.  That’s just the headline house race of the state.

In my own district, John Tierney is in SERIOUS trouble.  There is no poll for this race, especially with his wife Patrice Tierney pleading guilty to filing false tax returns for her brother.  With the commercials running, this is an ugly, ugly race.

My only comments on the Democrats getting their power back… you made a mistake with Obamacare, and made mistakes in trying to bring forth Cap and Trade and these requirements for emissions in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  Effectively banning incandescent light bulbs, forcing people to buy vastly more expensive CFL bulbs.  To replace a house of 20 incandescent light bulbs, it’ll cost $75.  And their claims of CFL bulbs lasting ten times longer… I’ve seen that in exactly… zero cases in my memory.

I see a Red Wave, and I don’t mean socialism.  I see at the very minimum a fifty seat pickup for the Republicans.  My guess is eightyFive of those new pickups should come from my state of Massachusetts.

If there is a Red Wave of Socialism, I fear it won’t be peaceful.  I fear it’ll be bloody.

On lighter news, Mass Effect 2 is a great game.  Details forthcoming.

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007




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