Quick Shots – Upcoming and current games

17 09 2010

I know I don’t blog much at all, even more infrequently due subject of the previous post, I’m going to make a few quick shots at some games that are coming up.

Fable 3 (Upcoming) – First Fable 2 is unavailable for PC and now Fable 3 is now delayed for the PC, but available for the XBOX 360.  I actually enjoyed Fable: The Lost Chapters for the PC, and am disappointed by this development.

Civilization V (Coming Soon!)- The hexagonal grid is going to be interesting as it comes out later this month.  Civ has been an addiction for a very long time, especially as it comes out later this month!

Dragon Age 2 (Upcoming) – Mature themed game not for the kiddies, just like it’s predecessor.  The game-play of the original impressed me greatly, especially how the story is tied in: a BIG thing for me and RPG games.

Starcraft 2 (Available now) – A lot of hubbub about how the network play has changed in this storied RTS.  Granted, as I don’t do LAN games that much, it hasn’t affected me.  Seems a fairly good balance, but I still can’t get that far even against a moderate AI.  So much for my strategic “genius”.  I like how they tied it in the campaign, which was of a good length in my opinion.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm (Upcoming) – Hmmm, I’ve gotten over how things didn’t seem to be part of the story, as I read further into it.  Blizzard is usually top notch when it comes to tying things into the story, especially with a series as storied as Warcraft.  A guilty pleasure I may try to go 30 days into again if it comes out.  Lich King had some really good story elements, so we’ll see if things continue in this expansion.

Diablo 3 (Upcoming) – Still waiting for it.  A huge change in game-play mechanics from Diablo 2 concerns me a bit, but risks sometimes pay off.  From what I’ve heard of Halo:Reach, it paid off big time.  Loved Diablo 2 but sad that it became so incompatible with Vista/Win 7.

Disciples 3: Renaissance (Available Now) – Disciples 2 was a huge thing for me some time ago.  Disciples 3 has some good elements via the demo, but the voiceovers (as it was originally Russian) is sorely lacking in quality.  I’m tempted if I do get the game to turn it off.

Possible Game to look into: Bioware’s Mass Effect 2.




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