In Memoriam – The Toughest Person I’ve ever Known

13 08 2010

This person went under for 20 minutes due to multiple cardiac arrests, and despite the words that she would not survive the hour, she survived for over six more years. 

She went through an infection two years ago that baffled the doctors, wondering how she could even stand since it went her chest and her abdomen, and this infection usually is encountered with a fever, slurred speech, loss of appetite or other neurological factors.   A patch was found for her, but it could never leave her system.  Her surgeon had a hard time with this, since this was something he just couldn’t fix.

She got to see two years with her granddaughter, including her second birthday party just this past weekend.

For more than six years, she delighted in confounding medical experts and doctors.  Her favorite saying when she was in discomfort was “I’m fine.”  In her mind the phrase “now leave me alone” could pretty much be assumed.  She always rose to the occasion, giving her best face.

She was never one to sugarcoat her opinion.  Not to strangers, and especially not to me.

She loved the redsox, and after seeing them win in October of 2004, she was dressed up in her red sox gear saying that she was ready to go home.  In two weeks they let her out.

Today, her battle ended.  A smirk to her husband from a kiss, she died shortly thereafter in his arms.

From those of you who read my earliest posts of this journal may guess that this person indeed is my mother.

She passed away shortly before 8:30 AM this morning. 

Rest in peace, Mom.  We’ll keep the garden going for you, even if I don’t have a green thumb to save my life.




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