An old addiction resurfaces – Something about the ummmm… Zerg

4 08 2010

Yep, Starcraft 2, 12 years after the release of the original and over a decade past the expansion Starcraft: Brood War, this is the first of three parts of the game, “Wings of Liberty”. James Raynor, ex-Marshall of Mar Sara, current revolutionary against the Dominion, he begins a revolt against “Emperor” Arcturus Mengsk. There’s too much story to go into this and right now, I’m only in the preview stage of this game but now, I’m very impressed with the result, even if my machine is barely enough to keep the game going.

I’m tempted to start building a new machine, but I’ll have to wait a bit, getting the new machine piece by piece. Regardless, this is one very good game, an old school RTS (Real-Time Strategy). Not really DaTechGuy’s style, but hey, we can’t agree on everything.

More to come.




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