Miss West, a Clue, please, We are being INVADED Via Mexico

26 06 2010

I think this is enough to explain why many patriots in support of Arizona are looking at Peggy West like she has two heads.  Her compatriot tries to respond but… well… watch and see.

A better response to Peggy West’s diatribe about Arizona’s status as not a border state (granted, this is also coming from a “C” Geography student as well), would be as follows:

I mean, really, the thought that a state, enforcing the FEDERAL MANDATE as a state law is seen as something ILLEGAL?  Especially when the Federal Government has absconded it’s DUTY to said state, where land is being taken over by the Mexican Drug Cartels… I’m sorry, this is an invasion, and in my opinion, tantamount to a declaration of WAR!




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