Before the Road to Baltimore… A War of Ideals, A Bone of American History

4 06 2010

As the founder and head gamer of the Right Wing Gaming room, leading (…fine, co-leading) my small (two-person) division as a beachhead for the current Bostonian invasion of the city of Baltimore, Maryland.  This is on behalf of Red Sox Nation (and accursed be the Yankees, but not the City of New York), and a little lady who’s love of the game and the blessings of Jesus Christ made it through her trials to date.

But this is not of the Bostonian invasion, or of Baseball at all, but the invasion of ideas, of the acceptance of Socialism vs the fight for Liberty.  A few things come to mind.

Is it the battle for the Congress, the Senate, the White House, or the battle for American Hearts and minds?  Even if such things are regained, unless we reign in our own habits that are coming up, this is a hopeless battle.  The battle for office is important, but not if we forget where we came from.  Especially if people think our current leader is the inspiration for African Americans and the suffrage they have held.

There are those who have bled and died to get our imperfect, yet gleaming city on of the of hill, built, brick by brick, with the mortar being the blood of Patriots, black and white.  Yes I repeat, Black AND White. Here is a bit of history that I doubt is being taught in many schools, of Black Patriots of the American Revolution.  And unless I am remiss, there is always the story of the Massachusetts 54th during the Civil War.

Yes our country has progressed in good ways from a more primitive past, but the idea of Liberty is what made, and MAKES the concept of the United States of America.

The last questions I have for you is, do you believe in American Exceptionalism?  Or do you believe we merely have a small part to play in the world, just as our current President believes, that each county believes in its own “exceptionalism”?  Do you believe we made it this far since we are the last hope of mankind, or that we must be a part of the masses?

Do you believe?




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6 06 2010
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