The Fat Lady Doth now Croon! Congratulations Senator Brown!

20 01 2010

And boy, does she ever sing a mean version of “Boston, You’re my Home”!

I called it around 5 points, and man, it looks like I’ll be right or very close to the mark!  Congratulations to Senator Scott Brown, at this time State Senator, and now U.S Senate-Elect.  Some of the word from Washington appears instead of attacking, retreating from Health Reform Takeover.  From this quote on a report on Fox News, we have much to celebrate indeed!

The people of Massachusetts have spoken. We welcome Scott Brown to the Senate and will move to seat him as soon as the proper paperwork has been received,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin said he would notify the Senate on Wednesday that Brown had been elected.

Oh how sweet it is!  A constant watch is still needed on this House and Senate, but with luck we have one more watchman, this time inside the walls.  This is truly the “Scott Heard Around the World”!

UPDATE: Looks like I was right about my home town, as AG Martha Coakley eked out a victory in my hometown by only 1%, with Joe Kennedy getting that 1%.  I pretty much called this one as too close to call.



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21 01 2010
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