I’d hate to say I’m surprised at Coakley’s cold reaction…

14 01 2010

To a reporter being knocked down by one of her aides, but I’m afraid I’m not.  She doesn’t come across as being warm or caring, just as George Bush, Bill Clinton, or even Barack Obama can at times.  Yet as Da Tech Guy noted, this is the Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts.  It’s how she’s treated the law.  When a child was being molested in the Market Basket in Raynham, the father punched the guy in the jaw.  The molester wasn’t even arrested, merely given a court date.  The FATHER was arrested, but was not jailed.  The Assault and Battery charges were later dropped, but still.  Coakley’s response was that he should have waited for police and that “self-help” is discouraged.

Like defending your child from an ILLEGAL ALIEN?

An ILLEGAL ALIEN that still worked there the next time the father went into the store?

Coakley’s edge is waning, despite a poll telling them otherwise (by 15 points), other stories are coming up and other polls are not as “liberal”, such as the Rasmussen poll as low as a 2 point lead, a statistical dead heat with a Republican Candidate in arguably the most liberal state in the nation.  If Brown does not win, it will be a minor victory in the sense that Coakley actually had to work for the seat, instead of being voted in because of her “D” status.

*sigh*  Things are bad since this behavior out of the progressive-but-turning-fascist-party-allegedly-called-Democrats, does not surprise me.  I’d better be looking out for purple shirts and black panthers at the polling places.   No wonder so many people are voting absentee, in addition to being so busy from the policies of the progressives these past years.

On another note, I eagerly await my brief March departure from the cold climes of Massachusetts to the warm beaches of Florida.  My wife, even more so.



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17 01 2010

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