Early Preview: Dragon Age – Origins

14 01 2010

This is my first review of a game in some time, and this one is a multi-platform game from Bioware, Dragon Age: Origins.  Little surprise, I’m doing the PC version.

Bioware has been known for going along with Atari and Dungeons and Dragons with Neverwinter Nights, so this had a lot going for it already.  The decision to break away from D&D was possibly a wise one, as it makes the the game surprisingly fresh.  The system appears to be less linear, and the voice acting that I’ve seen so far seems to be fairly good.  The graphics are great and it runs well on my now run-of-the-mill core duo system.  It’s too early to be certain but I think this is a great game, and will try to have a review after a full play-through.




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