The New Year

1 01 2010

Ah yes, finally, we can leave the disaster of a year that was 2009 behind, as far as the politico goes, and as far as a President that is making Jimmeh Carter looking better every single day.  My friend did say that we shouldn’t be too hard on Obama since he was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, for being a president for only 10 days, and promising World Peace.  Granted, this was said tongue-in-cheek.

Last night at the Saturday Gaming Crew was a good one, a bit more politico talk than gaming for my wife’s taste, but still, fun was had by all.  I’ll have to see if I can make the open house of my friend and Best Man of my wedding, DaTechGuy.  For my wife, the Lady Dolphin, the weather will need to cooperate.  I am hopeful, but we’ll have to see.




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2 01 2010
8 01 2010

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