In Response to Socialist Health Care, a Personal Story

18 07 2009

This story is well known among my circle of friends, at least to most of them.  It regards my mother and the trials she has undergone with her Congestive Heart Failure and everything else that has come her way.  In June 29, 2004, she started to feel a bit ill, and came down with flu-like symptoms.  On the 30th she was fine and was up and about that day.  That night, she felt very ill again and went to the local hospital as I slept.  They told her they didn’t have the facilities and had her med-flighted to Boston Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  My father called me, waking me up, and leaving a message to be ready to head to Boston.  I had a very sick feeling to my stomach that something was very wrong.

When we got to the hospital, we waited for a few hours.  Then one of the doctors came out and gave us the following news:  during the flight, my mother went into multiple cardiac arrests, the last taking 15 minutes of CPR to revive her.  We expected to lose her that day and started to call people to come, be with us, and pray for her.

She was not expected to live out the next few hours.  She did.

She was then not expected to live out the week.  She proved them wrong again.

After a couple of weeks, the word “recovery” came out.  My father in particular really liked that word.  As the weeks followed and her organs that had shut down started to come back, it was promising but it left one problem, her heart would not be enough to sustain her.  She was not a candidate for heart surgery due to the vein structure that her body had built around one of the main valves of her heart to take care of the near total failure of that valve.   She needed something to help pump the blood in her body: enter the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device).

It allowed her to see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in October 2004, and come home in Mid-November of that year.

The device was great, but it wasn’t meant as a long term solution.  She is now on her third device, and the last one likely, as there is no backup for it if it fails.  And in her condition now, she would not survive any form of chest surgery.

What the current medical system gave us, as problematic as it is and remains, is almost five more years of hope, enough for my mother to see her first granddaughter (my niece), and a fair deal of weekly family dinners, which is one of the favorite times of our family, including my wife and myself (sadly, not the cats).  Oh, it also gave her the chance to see the Red Sox win again in 2007 (yes the Red Sox are a big deal in my family).

Fast forwarding to 2009, and what I see here, I honestly have no solutions when it comes to the health care problem.  I don’t, but I have to say, the Social Engineering from what I have heard scares me to death.  Everything I have heard leads me to one conclusion.  Under this “public plan” which the House, Senate, and the White House will not be under (they will still be under their ultra-fine medical package), my mother would have been told to go to a hospice and die quietly.

Don’t believe me?  The following two provisions of the legislation should scare the living Hell out of you.

  1. Private Insurance for Individuals (as I understand it) will be illegal one year after legislation passes (2010).
  2. Private Insurance will no longer be available to employees of Private Corporations five years after legislation passes (2015).

This isn’t the Candaian system which allows supplemental insurance for regions outside of their home areas, it doesn’t seem to allow any supplemental insurance as it is written today.

Some fact checking may be needed, and more information is needed, but again, if this doesn’t scare you, you either aren’t listening, or are a member of government who was NO right to be telling me that my mother must die because of your bureaucratic needs.

This is my battle cry for freedom, it is my Patrick Henry Moment.  What’s yours?




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18 07 2009

Socialists don’t know they are useful idiots. Lenin said it best, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

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