It’s Not About Us, It Never Has Been

25 05 2009

In addition to being a conservative, I’m very much a Christian.  Not a very good Christian at times, but I do believe in him.  At yesterday’s sermon, the guest speaker hit very close to home.

He talked about a staph infection that nearly killed him, in addition to having suffered three strokes.  From being at a camping trip one day, he was in the hospital in the next day with a high fever.  After days of drug treatment, he was transferred to Mass General, and it really wasn’t looking good as all of his organs were shutting down.  In this rapture he had questioned God why this had to happen.  As a man, he never claimed to have all of the answers, but he passed on a few good lessons, of which I’m about to paraphrase.

  • As humans, we will never have the full picture.Even as we advance, we only have an infinitesimal fraction of the understanding of our planet, much less the rest of the universe.  Even if one believes in the Big Bang Theory, science relates that energy cannot come from nothing, yet there was at one point, nothing.  So scientists have to have some sort of faith to believe in that theroem.  I’m not discounting that theorem myself, but I have to say that there has to be a modicum of faith to consider that as scientific law.  Just like man-made climate change, as people need to have faith that cloud patterns, geothermal patterns, and solar radiation, which to my knowledge is not considered in the (allegedly now closed) debate of climate change.
  • Humanity will never have the full picture, only God has the full picture.To the Judeo-Christian, and Muslim faiths, only God has the full picture, and the full plan of the Earth and the Universe.  It is folly for humanity to ever believe that they will ever have the full picture of everything, since we can’t even control our own environment.  We strive for control, and strive for dominance, and for all of our advances, as magnificent as they are, we have things we still cannot control:  there are diseases that are out of our control, we are still slaves for our own urges, be they needs for survival, or temptations for what we should not have.
  • God’s plan is NOT all about you. There is still some piece of narcissism that humanity believes it’s all about them, just due to the reason that we are on top of most food chains.  If you consider the entire Universe, or even just the entire plan of Earth, how much of it is about humanity?  In the fullness of time within the Universe, the entirety of humanity’s existence is merely a blink, if even that.  A single human, a blink of a blink, if even that.  We are a mere part of the plan, a very minuscule part, and not the plan itself, even if we’d like to think so.
  • Someday, you will NOT have a tomorrow. It comes down to a simple thing.  Our bodies, while a masterpiece to us, is relatively frail; there are times of life where we grow, we mature, and then, we slowly decay.  We are mortal, and unless something changes radically, we will all cease to exist one day.  There may be a time where humanity will no longer exist, and this may also be part of God’s Plan.  We may be chosen for something greater, or have the opportunity for it, but must earn it.  Regardless, each and every one of us will end.

So the next thing is, what will we do, rail against God for such an injustice, when God has given us so much?  When we have the opportunity for such a great mortal bounty, even if we will someday end?  Another question then comes up, in two parts:

“Who wants to live forever?  Are we ready to live forever?”

Better to believe in God, or at least something, than believe in nothing.  It’s so easy to believe in nothing, and so utterly empty.  Is religion really opiate for the masses as Karl Marx said, or is it the best plan we have to prepare our souls, and live our lives?  It may not be a perfect plan, but it may be the best plan we have.  Especially if the Bible is what my friend told me it is in three simple words.

“It is true.”

It’s best, in my humble opinion to praise God during our successes and bounties, as well as rely on God during our storms and turmoil, when things are never really in our own control.




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