Florida Vacation Part Two – Sea World, Disney and a smattering of Red Sox

10 03 2009

I was a bit remiss in my last post, as I forgot that I managed to get to two games of the Grapefruit League Spring Training for the Red Sox in sunny Ft. Myers at the City of Palms Park.   The first game didn’t end up too well, as they lost 9-8 (losing 9-4 or 9-2 during one of the innings, at which point my mother decided it was time to leave), against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday March 3.  The second game on Friday March 6 was against the Florida Marlins and that ended better with a win and a score of 5-3.

On Saturday we went on from Sanibel to Sea World Orlando where I think I did more walking there than anywhere else in about four years.  The shows and exhibits were fantastic, especially the ending show of Shamu Rocks.  The last show made the long trek out of the park worth it.  From there, to the resort we had reservations for at Disney World.

Sunday was the excursion to Epcot and Downtown Disney where we spent most of our day.  We didn’t do another park since we were still very tired from the other day, and my feet were killing me.  The futuristic portion we were at in Epcot was something else.  I’ll have to link to it once time allows.  I was never part of a video game myself, but they took my picture and that of my wife, the Lady Dolphin, yet there we were, part of a simple video game, but with the instant technology of sending that to the game.  I found it rather sweet.

Monday was Animal Kingdom, culminating with the Festival of the Lion King, with acrobatics and songs from the aforementioned movie, another great time.  Then it was the big park, the Magic Kingdom, where we spent most of the day going around, getting onto “It’s a Small World” (uber-cuteness and a slight overhelping of happy thoughts), going through Tomorrowland (where we picked up attractions from Monster\’s Inc and Lilo and Stitch), and culminating with another surprise from my wife, invitations to Cinderella’s Castle for a most regal dinner.

And now, just nine days after arriving in Florida, we’re back home in the undisclosed location of the Gaming Room here in Massachusetts.  A great time, though as my wife said, if we do this again, it’s Disney first, THEN Sanibel… my legs and feet still hurt.




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