Vacation Blog Part One – Sanibel

6 03 2009

This is probably the only part I’ll be able to blog about until I get back next week.  Still, most years my wife and I have gone to Sanibel Island in Florida visiting my parents who themselves are there for about a month nowadays.  There are several things that mark the Sanibel Vacation for me, and I’m going to list them below.

Pinnochio’s Ice Cream – Probably one of the better little ice cream shoppes I’ve ever visited.  In particular, one flavor, the Gator Stew… just delicious!

The Bubble Room – On Captiva Island – A restaurant with a great 1920’s – 1950’s feel to it, the Bubble Scouts, great food and cake in portions and taste to die for.  No Vacation to Sanibel or Captiva is complete without it!

J. N. “Ding” Darling Wildlife Reserve – A lot of Sanibel Island is a Wildlife Refuge, and most of it is part of this reserve where people are free to drive around or walk around (for a fee or a duck stamp), to see various birds indiginous to Florida, as well as if the temperature is high enough, an Alligator or two.  None this year for us.  Ah well.

Shell Collecting – More my wife’s thing than my own, but I do pick up a few kitten paws here and there. 

And while not on the original list, a great little diner restaurant is CheeBurger CheeBurger.  Good portions, great prices, and excellent 50’s decor and music.   Note, they do not sell Hamburgers there, merely Cheeseburgers without the cheese.

Next blog will be on the Disney Vacation.  Until then, game on!




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10 03 2009
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