When we last left our Heroes – Second February Session

27 02 2009

This is the report of the second February session of my Bi-weekly dungeons and dragons session.  As to not bore our other viewers, a nifty link below will reveal the entire article to only those interested!  Click at your peril!  Additional warning, some graphic and disturbing content is listed within.

Okay, you clicked, now for the peril…

This was more of an interlude as our heroes went back to the Spire after retrieving one of the three artifacts to defeat Adaman, the now immortal and possessed mother of the gods Felion and Darion.  Darion was very displeased that one of the predictions in the Tapestry of Prophecy came true, which meant his agents were off duty until the kids were born.  For poor Arrowa, this meant a two year pregnancy, but nothing could be predicted on the birth of Mac’s progeny.

All four were given duties as instructors for  the Spire hopefuls: Harm as an instructor in history and knowledge to prospective Spire Agents (a good job for a bard), Mac as an instructor in the covert arts (as befitting a rogue), Arrowa as an instructor in basic combat and training of Sorcery (for her station as an Eldritch Knight), and Vorel as an instructor of the newest initiates of Felion (which was thought would drive the poor Paladin mad).

As instruction took place, one of Harm’s students took exception to his teaching methods and ended up expelled.  Later on, Harm was stabbed in the back with a poisoned and infected blade.  The perpetrator was taken out by the Academy’s assistant headmaster… before Harm could do any collateral damage with his method of payback.  Harm spent the next week as the subject of how to treat diseases and poisons.  The others were doing as well as expected with their students.

During the Fall Festival of the Gods, when most all descended in multiple places within the world, the Concordant Angel Sect, the Twelve, came forth to make claim on Mac’s child.  Darion told them to leave, in no uncertain terms, that it would remain to be seen if any claim could be made.

In time, Mac became due rather early, and the birth, even under the care of Darion AND Felion nearly killed her, as an unidentified wild magic spell erupted and the child literally sliced his way out with a black blade, a natural extension of his power.  While a Concordant Angel (a result of the festival that Mac and Harm consumated their love under), it was male, and the Twelve, being all female, turned and left.  One did hesitate on her way out, pausing to look back, before joining her sisters.  He was given the name of Arioch, a true force of Chaos.

As time went on, there was a second attempt on Harm’s life, this time by four assailants as their surprise attack failed.  They turned and fled, but not without one of them getting a strike from one of Harm’s enchanted whips, leaving a nice scar on his back.  The following day, Harm made a report to the Headmaster on his status, and on his teaching.  As they talked, a young man entered with a report and turned to leave.  Harm noticed the scar on the man’s back matched the mark given the night before and mentioned that next time, he should meet him face to face if he had a dispute.  The young man froze, and the Headmaster asked him why he did it, revealing that the perpretrator was the aged master’s son.

As he confessed, he said it was only a prank, and that the Kael family, whom he befriended were responsible.  It was revealed that the son was used as a Patsy, and if necessary, a meat shield.  Punished with probation and more cleaning duties around the Spire, he was dismissed.  Baron Kael was summoned with a spell and demanded to know why he was there, giving a scathing look at Harm.

The Headmaster quietly explained that while a “Blood Vendetta” was not against the law, as there are disagreements that can only be settled through bloodshed, a “Shadow Vendetta” or “Undeclared Vendetta” was against the law.  While the Baron sputtered, the Headmaster brought back an old law, and banished the entire family from the Spire into the Underdark.  Banishment from the Spire was to remove all memory from all who lived in the Spire in addition to actual exile.  Only a few would be allowed to retain memory of the event.

Another part of the law was enforced.  “You keep what you kill.”  Since he was declared the winner of the Vendetta, Harm was declared the Baron of Kael’s former estate.

As time passed, Arioch, at the tender age of one, started to debate scripture with Vorel, whom she later declared, “My sweet little Heretic.”  Regardless, in time Arrowa’s half-drow, half wild-elf child, Beldarion was born.  Tavros proved to be a surprisingly loving husband to Arrowa and both are doing well.

The adventure ended on that note, to be continued in late March.




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