When we last left our heroes… an introduction

22 02 2009

This is a bit of a feature that I try to publish every two weeks, pretty much the exploits of my Dungeons and Dragons campaign during the Saturday Session.  This will be the only one for the Month of February and sadly it’s in the middle of the campaign, as this is a pretty new site.  To those who aren’t interested, don’t read any further.  Anyone who is interested, click the link below.

Okay, you clicked, therefore you asked for it.  This campaign is based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 from Wizards of the Coast, which has recently been discontinued in favor of Dungeons and Dragons 4.  For those of you few unfamiliar with Dungeons and Dragons or at least version 3.5, it is perhaps the most rule-laden version of the entire series.  Sometimes it’s very hard to comply with all the rules and I know few Dungeon Masters who even try, and heck, even I have my own set of house rules.

The Campaign:  A home-brewed world which grows adventure by adventure.  No real map to it as I didn’t really feel like it, and it sort of changed in scope as I continued.  So far the players claim to be having fun, and I hope that is the case.   It is a Polytheistic world, which means many religions, and in some cases, it’s a farce of many different games, since the idea isn’t really sticking to the rules, or being so deep that we must obey, but having fun.  Elements of World of Warcraft, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and several other influences have filled the game.

The Players:  Four adventurers of various abilities, but no real heavy fighters or tanks (a fighter that has heavy armor and is in the lead since nobody can really hurt it).  I had an NPC (Non Player-Character) Tank at the beginning of the game, but he(it) was eventually killed in one of the adventures.  Without further ado, here are the four characters:

Harm O’Nii – Chaotic Neutral Aasimar Bard – Aasimars are typically descended from Celestial or Angelic creatures and have a trace of Angelic blood in their systems.  Harm is no different in this case, but he’s a bit of a hellion otherwise.  He loves his drink, his singing, and his ladies… or lady in this case.  He has a partner in his business that deals with the money, through performance, or other means.  Making his home on Sigil, he was a little lost in coming to this new world, a new cosmology, but has since made it his new home, and is now an agent of a faction known as “The Spire”.

Mackenzie – Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Rogue – As Aasimars descend from Angels, Tieflings descend from demons and devils.  Except for a few pointier teeth, and a sometimes decided lack of good manners, Mack is hardly distinguishable from other humans.  She is Mack’s partner in crime as she counts the money, and picks the pockets at his performances.  She’s had little chance to do that lately and it’s grating on her nerves a bit.  It sometimes happens when you become the lackey of two gods.  It also happens when you become the mother of an Angel that has both Infernal and Celestial descent in their veins.  Considering the pregnancy, it’s easy to say that this child will be their ONLY child.  She is yet another agent of “The Spire”.

Arrowa Hufel – Neutral Good Wild-Elven Sorceress/Eldritch Knight – Coming from the wilds of Faerun, she seemed most out of place when she reached the Spire.  Relying on her will as a kindly yet fierce sorceress, she follows Mack and Harm on their adventures in this increasingly strange new world.  Also a new mother in her own right, her child, a half-drow, half-wild elf, is perhaps one of the most precious things in her life.  Her new mate, the immortal drow servant of Felion and sometimes bartender, Tavros, is completely bewildered at fatherhood but perhaps has never been happier in his entire life.  Arrowa is under the protection of this worlds god of Spells, Prophecy and Elves, Darion.

Vorel – Lawful Good Dragonborn Paladin – An Aasimar reborn as a Dragonborn, she had a bit of a rough go of it when she no longer had access to her god, the lord of dragons, Bahamut.  Her new Patron, Felion, is taking some getting used to, as they appeared to be of different philosophies and styles.  However she learned that Felion had a very serious side in addition to the apparent facade of being the proprietor of a tavern.   Felion is the god of Battle, Honor, Elves, and is the twin of Darion, though you could almost never tell as they look vastly different.  Vorel’s mount, Litrix, a Celestial Dragonne, is her faithful companion and with the addition of the side saddle, the pack mount as well for the party.

Details on the Second February Session to follow.




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27 02 2009
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🙂 that is awesome

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